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Pergola Roof Designs That Can Transform Your Backyard

When it comes to adding character to your backyard space, pergola designs are one of the best options. Not only do they combine beauty and function, but they also offer a great deal of flexibility in size, style and location. The result is a design that best fits your wants and needs.

Pergola roof designs can enhance your outdoor space while highlighting specific examples for inspiration.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Various Pergola Roof Designs

You can think of pergolas as an extension of your home. These structures can be combined with other backyard elements for a welcoming transition or stand on their own to create a focal point.

In either case, pergolas make an attractive addition to your garden, whether large or small. This visual appeal is combined with purpose.

Pitched Pergola Roof

Pitched Pergola Roof

Protection from the Elements

We’ve all encountered this scenario: On a beautiful summer day, you’re eager to get outdoors. But as the sun continues to beat down, you quickly become overheated and head inside.

Slatted & Enclosed Pergola Roof

Slatted & Enclosed Pergola Roof

With various pergola roof options, you have an area to lounge where you are shielded from the elements. This shady space allows you to enjoy your backyard more often, whether you’re relaxing on your own or entertaining guests.


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