An aluminium pergola with stunning sea background.

Louvered and Retractable Awnings

Manual or automatic louvered awning?

If you’re looking to redesign your garden and add a dose of luxury to your outdoors, then an opening roof will be the right choice. An opening pergola roof offers a myriad of possibilities allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of having a luxury patio all year round. Thanks to the advanced technology and up-to-date appearances your garden will be beyond striking leaving all the neighbours in awe.

Whether you opt for a manual roof or an automatic one, louvre roofs and louvre products can offer any level of performance. To choose the right option for your home, check out the main differences between manual and automatic roofs.

A Louvered Pergola.

The purpose of an opening louvre roof

An opening louvre roof will be the perfect choice for everyone who wants to add more shade to their backyard and add an ‘outdoor room’ to their garden. When you want to allow more light into your area, simply open the roof louvres. Alternatively, when you’d prefer more shade and protection from the sun, the louvres can simply be closed. Also, when rain and unstable weather hit, louvres will protect your furniture and your designated area from the elements. This type of outdoor accessory is very handy in creating extra space. All it takes is a sofa or some sort of patio furniture and an outdoor heater and some lights and you’ll create an ideal sanctuary! You can choose between an automatic and a manual louvre roof, depending on whether you want the ability to control the louvres remotely or not and depending on your budget.

An open Louvered roof.

Automatic opening roof

With an automatic opening louvre roof system, you will have the convenience of controlling the louvre blade position through a remote controller or an app on your phone. If the louvre system is advanced enough, you will have the chance to open and close the louvres at the touch of your smartphone. An additional advantage of an automatic opening oof is that it can be fitted with rain sensors.

So, if you don’t want to worry about the furniture and other belongings under the roof, the automatic roof will be the option for you.

Once the first drop of rain hits the sensor, the louvres will automatically shut. You can continue to sit underneath the roof and enjoy the sound of the rain without worrying about getting wet. If you choose this solution for your outdoor area, Pergola Pro is at your service. We will install a custom solution that enhances the level of control and comfort you have outdoors.

Motorised louvres not only have the advantage of rain-sensor automation, but you can also control an enormous opening roof system (up to almost any size!) with a single button push.

An automated louvered roof.

Manual opening roof

Unlike automatic louvre systems, manual opening roofs have louvre blades that need to be operable by hand using a lever. Manual louvres open and close manually. You’ll need to use an internal pulley system or equipment to adjust the blades. If the louvres you installed are not complex and heavy, and they’re installed on a smaller pergola, then this won’t be too much of a hassle.

Manually operable louvres will work perfectly in that case and won’t require too much time to open and close. Manual opening roofs will be a great choice for a small patio or deck area for instance. If you prefer an eco-friendly design, manual opening roofs will be your cup of tea.

One of the reasons for that is that manual opening roofs do not use electricity or any kind of power (thanks Eskom.), aside from your own strength.

A manual opening louvered roof.

A Retractable Pergola Shade Adds Privacy and Character to Your Outdoor Living Area

You can get ones that don’t retract at all, having a permanent shade. Or you can get one that does retract, giving you an option to either have shade or full sun when you want to.

What is a Retractable Pergola Shade?

A retractable pergola shade is a canopy that can retract on top of a pergola. For example, it can retract back and forth to allow either shade or sun in, which is a bonus for people who want the best of both worlds. There’s many different designs and sizes that you can choose

A retractable pergola shade.

Benefits of Having a Retractable Pergola Shade

Enhances backyard space

Pergolas have a tendency of enhancing the backyard space due to them looking aesthetically pleasing.

Protects furniture, decor and even your skin

When you are using a retractable pergola shade, and especially if you have it where you are shading the area, it will protect either your furniture, decor and your skin.

Our final thoughts

Automatic opening roofs and manual opening roofs will both offer some advantages for homeowners. Make sure you assess your needs well before you make a final choice on your ideal roofing system.

Go through all the features and benefits of each of the two roofing systems and you’ll certainly have no trouble deciding which one is the most suitable for your needs, give us a call for obligation free advice on the installation of your louvered awning.