Aluminium pergola with sunny skies.

Benefits of Owning an Aluminium Pergola

“Will the addition of an outdoor aluminium pergola be worth the substantial investment I will make?”

It’s a valid question.

When you begin your search for creating an outdoor living space for your home, apartment or even business, the choices are many. Each option has its benefits and its shortfalls.

Here, we will look at aluminium pergolas and what you would benefit to know along your journey with a focus on – “why should you pay more?”


With the ability to withstand high winds (Capetonians you hear us on that South Easter), aluminium is the perfect match against the harshness and unpredictability of the Cape’s weather.

Wooden pergolas can deteriorate quickly if not maintained properly. If left untreated, wooden pergolas can warp, or rot, meaning the integrity is compromised and a full replacement may be required.

An aluminium Pergola on a sunny day.

Low Maintenance

Resilient, durable, and sleek, the only maintenance an aluminium pergola requires is a rinse down with a hosepipe, and for more stubborn stains, a wipe down with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge to keep it looking pristine; something which takes little time and costs a fraction compared with wooden or composite pergolas.

Whilst wooden pergolas may give your garden a ‘rustic’ feel, they require maintenance to ensure they are in good condition, such as sanding, staining, or varnishing every few years to protect it from the elements. Although more durable than wooden pergolas, composite tends to stain and requires specialist cleaning products to remove them.

The ease of maintenance found with an aluminium pergola means you can spend your free time enjoying using your outside living space, rather than repairing or cleaning it.

A while alumninum Pergola providing shade.

Ease of Installation

Aluminium is extremely light in relation to its strength when compared to other metals used in construction, such as steel or iron. This strength to weight ratio makes aluminium the best material for freestanding pergola frames, with the additional benefit of making it much faster and easier to assemble onsite.

By choosing aluminium, the disruption to your home life during assembly is minimal because aluminium’s light weight means it requires a smaller team and less equipment to deliver, manoeuvre and construct your freestanding pergola in your garden. Here at Pergola Pro, we have an experienced team of installers who manage your install from start to finish, resulting in a quality finish and peace of mind that your pergola will last for years to come.

Open-air pergola and wooden deck area.


Sustainability is becoming an important consideration for many people when making purchasing decisions, particularly the sourcing and life cycle of materials.

Installing an aluminium frame is one of the most eco-friendly choices you can make for your new pergola. Considered a sustainable material, aluminium is perhaps the most eco-friendly of all the metals, mainly due to the fact it retains all its original properties when recycled.  This means it can be repurposed infinitely, without any effect on its quality.

Composite, a common pergola material, is by comparison notoriously difficult to recycle due to its chloride content, which is very challenging to handle and even toxic.  This combined with its relatively short lifespan of only 10 years compared to aluminium, means composite is significantly less environmentally friendly.

Composite Pergola and deck area.

Pergola Pro strives to provide it’s clients with world class materials and service. Bring your garden or wooden deck to life with our world-class pergola installation services in Cape Town.

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