Pergola Pod Cape Town


With its cubic shape, slim contemporary lines and integrated floor, The Pergola Pod, is light and sophisticated outdoor structure that fulfils its protective function while adding style to the outdoor space.

Ideal for architectural villas, but also for beaches, golf courses, restaurants and other tourist facilities.

A “chameleon” pergola structure that adapts to the desired atmosphere and to the technical constraints of a project thanks to all our solutions and varied material options for roofs and side closures on our Pergola Pods.

The Pergola Pod offers the possibility of modulating the enclosure according to the design and use desired. Bioclimatic slats, bay windows, folding louvers, solid wood panels… the choice is wide among the whole range of roofs and side closers of the pergola. The floor can also be customised with artificial grass or tiles or left open as a beach Pergola Pod.

<img src="pergola pod.jpg" alt="wooden pergola pod on balcony">


The integration of a floor eliminates the need for earthworks before installing a Pergola Pod.  The floor is levelled and ready to use for the terrace furniture. The floor is therefore a component of this structure and is a considerable advantage in overcoming the constraints of certain soils. In addition, the crosspiece at the bottom greatly simplifies the installation of side closures (louvers, panoramic sliding doors, wood paneling, aluminium slats/wooden slats, etc.

<img src="pergola pod design.jpg" alt=" aluminium pergola pod rendering ">


  • A unique and differentiating design for the Pergola.
  • Designed with the profiles of the Pergola range: optimisation and references.
  • An island pergola that can be integrated on non-smooth ground (grass, sand, soil, etc.)

Addition of a lower crosspiece with integrated floor:

  • Does not require earthworks.


  • Facilitates the installation of side closures.


  • Simplified manufacture and installation:


  • Straight cut assembly.


  • Roofs and louvers machined in different modules.

<img src="Pergola Pod.jpg" alt="Pergola pod on wine farm">

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