Steel Pergola Solutions

Planning and constructing the right pergola for the right environment is incredibly important in terms of long-term satisfaction. Climate, aesthetics leaning towards design and modernity of your home and the use-case of your pergola will greatly dictate the ideal material used for your pergola. This is why Pergola Pro’s steel pergola solutions can greatly benefit your property.

Steel pergolas are renowned for their extensive durability – especially over long periods of time. A high-grade steel pergola will be sturdy, strong and ultimately; a long-lasting structure to complement your home. A steel pergola is much easier and quicker to erect than a traditional hardwood, softwood or composite pergola.

Painting over your steel pergola can combat the risk of rust – which can be quite an issue within Cape Town and its surrounding areas. This means that your pergola will remain strong while still looking the part. Apart from being resistant to rust and other oxidation forms, steel pergolas are resistant to moulds and insect-related damage. A hardwood pergola tends to succumb to these factors – making a steel pergola one of the safest options you can go forward with.

Why Steel Pergolas are just that much better:

  • A steel pergola can go for many years with an appropriate maintenance plan
  • Steel pergolas look classy while delivering a highly – functional purpose
  • These pergolas are the go-to for those looking for a wide-spanning pergola solution
  • A steel pergola is immune to all insect and mould-related structural and cosmetic damages.

Pergola Pro has continued to push the boundaries in terms of affordable pergola solutions with maximum functionality and durability. Our experience, passion and industry insight allow us to deliver world-class service to every one of our clients. Pergola Pro will see to it that your vision is brought to life.

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