Ideas to “Winterize” your pergola this winter in Cape Town

Imagine the possibilities of inviting friends and family to dine outside comfortably under a lovely all-weather pergola while rain falls gently around them. Or Shake up the workplace this winter with a pergola as a dynamic outdoor meeting space when outfitted with a heater and rolling shades.
Consider the memories made while enjoying conversation and lounging under a stylish pergola, no matter the season. Outdoor living doesn’t solely happen when it’s sunny and warm. Check out clever ideas to winterize pergolas that are elegant, cost-effective, and a worthwhile investment.


Change up the look and feel of a pergola for restaurant seating, entertaining guests in the backyard, or lounging with a retractable roof. A pergola with a retractable roof allows you to adjust how much light and air pass through or block off precipitation.

Add more visual interest to your property with a winter pergola with a louvered roof, or attach your pergola to an adjacent property for increased protection from the elements. Pergola roofs are quite versatile and available in wood, aluminum, and can be outfitted with glass or latte enclosure.

Louvered Aluminium Pergola

Louvered Aluminium Pergola


Flip the script on winter activities like gathering around the fireplace for warmth and connection indoors. Add a fire pit or heater to winterize a pergola. Family and friends will love spending time outside under the pergola while kept cozy and warm using a safe, energy-efficient heat source.

Rethink outdoor restaurant dining and the guest experience with a winterized pergola outfitted with a heater, louvered roof, and luxurious seating. Hotels, spas, and vacation properties provide a unique guest experience with a heated pergola that features a jacuzzi, lounge seating, and bar all under one roof.

Pergola Heaters

Outdoor Heaters Pergola


When you want to spend time outdoors under a winter pergola, installing a chic and protective enclosure is necessary. A permanent or temporary enclosure can tastefully surround restaurants with patio dining or a deck outfitted with a beautiful pergola. Keep outdoor living more interesting with the addition of a pergola cover at the top, sides or entrance.

Install an attractive, all-weather pergola cover or retracting pergola awning. Enjoy more privacy and climate control with an adjustable fabric or waterproof tarp at the top and sides of the structure. A fashionable rolling shade or sailcloth also works. A pergola screen is another smart move that makes your outdoor space more inviting for gatherings.

Pergola with retractable sides.

Pergola with retractable sides.


If you want to winterize a pergola you’ll need a design that is functional year-round. A good pergola idea includes features that can handle wind, and rain, provide reliable drainage. A pergola with a durable, weather-resistant roof can better protect those gathered underneath from the elements and trap heat.

Pergolas are beautiful and hardy structures. Get creative and winterize a pergola by adding roof panels or a pitched tin roof to allow rain and hail to runoff. A pergola outfitted with a metal or plastic roof, treated canvas, or waterproof cover is excellent at keeping cold, rain, and hail outside.

Latte Pergola Roof

Lattice(Latte) Pergola Roof


Don’t let rain, sleet, wind, or plunging temperatures stop your enjoyment of a pergola in winter. The right pergola accessories make outdoor living pleasant and keep out cold and moisture. Install canvas or heavy-duty fabric curtains that can be tied down to reduce drafts and add privacy. Install a modern pergola with a metal roof, sliding doors, and add insulating elements to the structure.

Maximize your winter pergola usage with a small fire pit or outdoor heater at the center or offsides. A heat source coupled with exterior curtains and a roof makes a pergola feel perfectly cozy. Motorized screen enclosures for a pergola block wind and reduce how much heat escapes. Use plant power and place manicured boxwood hedges around your pergola to stave off the wind and increase privacy.

Pergola with firepit

Pergola with firepit


Winterize a pergola, so it transforms an ordinary deck, patio, or outdoor living space into an oasis. Instead of viewing a pergola as an outdoor living space for spring and summer weather only, make it friendly for year-round.

Turn a winter pergola into a dynamic space to come together with a sturdy enclosure, tie-down curtains, and a heater. Use accessories and your choice of pergola design to enjoy more time spent outdoors. Design a deck or patio with a pergola, so it is more inviting to guests, ready for meetings, and raises the value of a property.

More people are recognizing the need to spend more time outdoors for health, reduced stress levels, increased productivity, and communing with nature in winter and beyond. Your next winter pergola idea for a walkway, special entrance, or offside a garden deserve actualization.

Winter Pergola with Fire pit

Winter Pergola with Fire pit


Create more outdoor living opportunities and ideas for workspaces, restaurants, vacation properties, and residential dwellings with an all-season pergola. Pergolas carve out a vibrant space to meet, dine, play, and relax. Choose to build your next pergola idea, complete with a roof, enclosure, lighting and heater, to best utilize the space.

When you need a pergola for your property that can be easily winterized with functional, stylish accessories, trust experts with a century of experience. Contact Pergola Pro for your pergola installation. Free site survey and no obligation quotation.