Composite Pergola Solutions

Choosing the perfect material for your pergola can prove to be very overwhelming. Hardwoods, softwoods, aluminium and steel are all incredibly popular options for a charming pergola. However, by opting to install a composite pergola in your Cape Town home, you receive all the qualities of wood without the maintenance associated with it.

The appeal of a composite pergola is its striking appearance. Depending on the wooden component of this material – your composite can flaunt all the defining features of your favourite hardwoods. Composite is comparatively much more expensive than traditional wood. However, composite decking requires a fraction of the maintenance and the costs involved – making it a worthy long-term investment. This means that a long lifespan, phenomenal appearance and low maintenance/costs, in the long run, make this material unbeatable.

Implementing your composite pergola into your Cape Town home requires the right insight. By weighing up all the options, our team will ensure that your installation will be streamlined, pain-free and undoubtedly stunning a stunning final product The efficiency, professionalism, and passion of our team will permeate throughout the process. No matter the circumstances present or any obstacles that may arise  – be assured that your composite Pergola will look phenomenal upon installation.

Why Composite Pergolas are just that much better:

  • They last for long periods of time with minimal maintenance.
  • Composite Pergolas have a striking appearance.
  • They require less maintenance and are cheaper in the long run.
  • Composite Pergolas are highly customisable and dynamic.

Pergola Pro has been innovating within the Pergola industry over the past few years. Experience, passion and insight allow us to provide world-class services to our clients in Cape Town and surrounding areas. No matter how grand or complex your vision may be – our team of pergola experts will ensure that your composite pergola will be nothing short of stellar.

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