An aluminium pergola with a scenic coastal backdrop

Low Maintenance Aluminium Pergola

With Cape Town’s coastal weather, aluminium is the way to go for unfussy, maintenance-free living. No more sanding and painting wooden pergolas every year. Aluminium pergolas are strong and durable yet light and streamlined, with superior corrosion resistance. It’s the cost-effective update that your home needs!

Freestanding metal Design Pergola

Aluminium pergolas are just as attractive as wood, with even more versatility, better durability, and lower maintenance. Aluminium is ideal for creating more modern pergola designs that are better suited to urban landscaping, and the material can also be treated to give it a simulated wood-grain appearance so it can still have a more classic or traditional look. This makes aluminium suitable for any design or application.

A white aluminium pergola

Our Aluminium pergolas are all custom designed which means that they are extremely durable and able to withstand the Cape Town climate and be utilized the way they are intended. Like wood pergolas, they can be freestanding or attached to a building, they can be covered, include canopies, or have an open, classic design. Aluminium comes in many different sizes, and with an increased strength, you can find more narrow and sleeker styles than wood, without compromising on durability.

An I-Beam frame with timber roof cover

As more people realize the many benefits and uses of pergolas in their architecture and landscaping design, the demand for these structures is only going to rise. By utilizing aluminium to meet the demand, you can ensure that each structure we build is going to last, which will save you both money and maintenance.

A simple yet stunning aluminium pergola

Aluminium offers more customization, better durability, increased longevity, and more styles and finishes than wood. Wood has been used for centuries, but the needs of cities and landscaping have changed, and therefore the materials that are used need to adapt and change with them which makes aluminium the right choice over wood for building commercial and urban pergolas.

Pergola Pro is the go-to Pergola soultions company in Cape Town. Our low maintenance aluminium pergola and elegant timber pergola solutions are designed to add value to your home. View our portfolio for some added inpsiration.