The benefits of outdoor living

Capetonians love the outdoors. But between work and family commitments, finding the time to get out and enjoy Mother Nature is often difficult. So why not bring the outdoors into your home, with a quality patio, pergola, verandah space from Pergola Pro?

Capetonians are known their unique blending of indoor and outdoor living, and luckily this has been growing for years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

No longer are we satisfied with just sticking a simple table & chair 3-piece set with a stake based umbrella in the backyard to unwind! We want our outdoor living spaces to now combine all the comforts of indoor living with the added benefits of nature. We don’t need too much convincing that fresh air makes us feel better – from feeling more alert & alive, to improving memory and focus – and the many health benefits of spending appropriate time in the sun can also help with Vitamin D levels, which has been shown to help protect your body against heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and some cancers.

Of course, the biggest reason for improving your outdoor living space is for the lifestyle & socialising benefits. A breakfast braai or sneaky afternoon nibbles and drinks is always a great excuse to spend extra quality time with family and friends. With such a wonderful outdoor living space, you’d be silly not to share it with the ones you love!

Fortunately, there is also a wide range of homeware and furniture products that make outdoor living areas all the more practical and relaxing. You can cook, clean and eat in the comfort of your outdoor living space, without having to step foot inside at all. Gone are the days of plastic garden chairs and citronella candles. Braai’s, grills, bar fridges and outdoor pantries are now a regular feature of the well-equipped outdoor kitchen. The extensive choice of weather-resistant furniture, lighting and outdoor appliances are enough to meet the high standards of the pickiest homeowner’s outdoor living dream.

With a deck and patio perfect for every season, there’s never been a better time to invest in bring your dream outdoor living space to life with Pergola Pro. Every Capetonian dreams of the combined indoor/outdoor lifestyle and with Pergola Pro your dream can finally become a reality.

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