Invest in a Pergola this Summer

A stunning outdoor pergola.

Installing a pergola this year is one of the best ways to beat the heat that comes with the summer season in the Cape! In fact, building a pergola is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make for your backyard sanctuary.

Pergola installation on your property can create shade, increase the quality of time you spend relaxing and entertaining outdoors, as well as add value to your property. Here are the top five benefits to adding a pergola to your backyard.

Beat the Cape Town Heat with a Pergola

Building a pergola on your property produces one of the most exciting options to enjoy outdoor living, creating a nice elevation that matches your property architecture.

Pergolas provide a shaded area where you can enjoy a warm day without having to worry about becoming overexposed to damaging UV rays.

Pergola Pro can assist with designs for a pergola with an optional canopy that you can open and close as needed based on the weather conditions. When it comes to the design, the options are limitless!

Waterproof, sunshade roof pergolas, pergolas with aluminium with waterproof and sunshade roof options, retractable fabric canopy combined with wood or Aluminium, metal design pergolas etc.

A Pergola area on a Sunny day.

Pergolas are Versatile and Aesthetic Structures

A pergola adds beauty to your property taking your backyard to the next level! Apart from providing shade, a pergola can be formed in a way that it provides aesthetic value to the entire property.

One of the best aspects about a pergola lies in its versatility.

It can be applied as a lead into other structures, such as a veranda or gazebo, you could use your pergola to lead to a solitary gazebo from your back door, creating an inspiring outdoor living area, or they work on their own.

A Pergola area Oozing with Style.

Pergolas Create a Distinct Space in Your Backyard

If you want a definite purpose in your outdoor area, a pergola is the perfect solution! A pergola adds definition to your backyard, creating a space within your backyard with a distinct purpose.

With comfortable seating, tables, and a fireplace, your pergola can be used as an outdoor entertainment area. You can also add a dining room table to create the perfect place to dine under the stars.

A properly planned pergola will help create space where you can gather with loved ones to wine and dine in the great outdoors of Cape Town.

A Unique use of a Pergola and Deck area.

Create Outdoor Privacy

If you are looking to add an element of privacy to your backyard, a pergola provides the perfect opportunity. A pergola allows for privacy.

Although it may be an open space, you can create privacy by adding drapes, latticework, screens, or even climbing plants to any side of the pergola.

A Pergola Designed for Privacy Purposes.

Pergolas Add Beauty

Pergolas add an attractive addition to any backyard. You can make them even more appealing by adding decorative accessories like hanging pots, lights, curtains, accent pillow and much more.

Pergolas allow you to create an outdoor living space that you love by adding elements that suit your personal tastes and style.

This gorgeous outdoor structure will transform your outdoor area and create a living space where you can entertain friends and family for years to come. No matter what you use it for, you can be sure that you will love owning a pergola!

 Aside from looking fantastic, providing shade, and creating a distinct space, a pergola will add value to your home. Adding a pergola to your home can increase its value by up to *15%! As an affordable design option, the benefits are enormous.

Pergolas add beauty and intrigue to your outdoor area, which improves the value of your home. At Milestone, at Pergola Pro we design and build stunning pergolas that are guaranteed to transform your backyards and we’d love to do the same for you!

A beautifully minimalistic Pergola Area alongside a Swimming Pool.

Take a look at some of our recent pergola designs on our website:

Whether you’re looking for an island getaway in your own backyard or no-frills space to enjoy a cocktail and moment of peace, there is a pergola design with you in mind.