Shade & Weather Solutions For Your Pergola

When it comes to enhancing your pergola with shade and weather solutions, there are various options available to create a more comfortable and versatile outdoor space. Here are some popular choices:

Automated and motorised pergola screens

They are innovative features that add convenience, comfort, and functionality to outdoor spaces. These screens are designed to enhance the usability of pergolas by providing adjustable shade, privacy, and protection from elements. Here are some key features and benefits of automated and motorised pergola screens:

Remote Control or Smart Home Integration:

Automated pergola screens are typically controlled through remote devices or can be integrated into smart home systems. This allows users to adjust the screens easily with a simple click or through voice commands.

Bioclimatic Pergola

The bioclimatic name comes from its slats designed to acclimatise the interior space by automatically creating shadows and currents. The motorised slats open or close via remote control or smartphone to regulate the entry of light and sun, heat, rain and air currents to let in light in winter and protect from the sun in summer.

Their main advantage is that they allow you to create a new space in your home that you can enjoy all year round. Bioclimatic pergolas protect from the sun and rain and allow you to take advantage of decks, rooftops or gardens without the need for works.

Louvered and Retractable Awnings

If you’re looking to redesign your garden and add a dose of luxury to your outdoors, then an opening roof will be the right choice. An opening pergola roof offers a myriad of possibilities allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of having a luxury patio all year round. Thanks to the advanced technology and up-to-date appearances your garden will be beyond striking leaving all the neighbours in awe.

Whether you opt for a manual roof or an automatic one, louvre roofs and louvre products can offer any level of performance. To choose the right option for your home, check out the main differences between manual and automatic roofs.

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