Garapa Pergola Solutions

A native of Brazil, Garapa is a species of high-density hardwood and one of the most favoured types of wood. The name “Brazilian Ash” or “Brazilian Hardwood” are other names used for Garapa.

Garapa is a hardwood species with a high density and high level of durability that is perfect for use in outdoor buildings like decks, wood sliding and more. Garapa’s lovely golden tones will give your project a warm, natural appearance.

Durability Garapa decking is a high density decking material that is reliable, consistent and long lasting.


Hardness Compared to pine, cedar and redwood, Garapa is up to three times tougher, with a Janka hardness of 1,630lbf.


Fiber Bending Strength The bending strength of Garapa is 12,900 psi. As a result, Garapa wood will span longer distances with very little deflection.


Density Garapa wood is naturally resistant to rot and insects because of its great density. The density of Garapa wood is 79 g/cm3.


Our Western Cape pergola team, which specialises in designing and building one-of-a-kind architectural structures, can make the pergola of your dreams from scratch. Our pergolas are an eye-catching focal point that’s both practical and fashionable and are perfect for dividing the space while offering much-needed shade in hot climates. The best part is that, provided they meet certain requirements, pergolas don’t require planning approval, so let Pergola Pro inspire you.

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