Cladocalyx Pergola Solutions

Clado (Eucalyptus Cladocalyx) is valued for its durability and minimal flaws. The species produces stunning honey-coloured, blonde to tan, or yellow to brown timber. It is regarded as a “Class 1 Heavy Hardwood” with remarkable durability and is suitable for use in exterior building applications as well as heavy marine applications. If cut correctly and without pith, it is relatively stable in drying, unlike many other eucalypts.

It is best suited to circumstances needing significant strength when aesthetics are also crucial. Externally, if left untreated, it will eventually develop a silvery grey colour and it’s grain is finely interlaced. The species is ideally suited to replace previously imported tropical hardwoods used in exterior applications, including Balau, Ekki, Tali, Greenheart, Massranduba, etc. Compared to materials like Meranti, Iroko, Mahogany, Limbali, Sapele, and Garapa, it is significantly superior in external applications.

Dry Mass per kg


1005 kg/m3 (Wet density 1200 – 1300kg/m3)
Modulus of rupture


140 MPa
Fibre stress at P.L. (Point Load)


81 MPa
Modulas of elasticity


18415 MPa
Compression parallel to grain


78.3 MPa (Maximum crushing strength)
Compression perpendicular to grain


39.1 MPa (Stress at 2.54mm deflection)

19.6 MPA (Stress at Point Load)

Shear parallel to grain


16.5 MPa (Maximum shearing strength)
Impact Bending


30.8 MPa (Toughness)

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