CCA Pressure Treated Pine Pergola

Choosing a wooden pergola provides utility and gorgeous appeal. Wood is undoubtedly the most attractive material to be used in any outdoor feature. However, using the right wood is always an important consideration to make. Most hardwoods and softwoods require constant maintenance – which can either be too costly, way too much effort or simply not achievable due to a host of factors. However, our provision of CCA Pressure Treated Pine Pergola solutions might be your best possible option.

By utilising Pressure Treated Pine, you receive a host of benefits associated with this wood. The most notable of these features is the wood’s impressive life expectancy. Due to the nature of treatment, this timber can last anywhere between 40-60 years! However, this is entirely dependent on its maintenance cycle – which is incredibly lenient to those who either fancy low-maintenance or simply don’t have the means to regularly maintain it. This means your CCA Pressure Treated Pine Pergola will remain stunning without having to regularly maintain it.

A CCA Pressure Treated Pine Pergola will become a standout feature of your home. By employing the services of a passionate pergola solutions company, the erection of your pergola will be an absolute success. Safety from Cape Town’s often harsh elements as well as the prospect of a new social hub can be expected. Pergola Pro knows what makes a pergola that much more special, meaning that your experience with us will not only be streamlined and swift… but an absolute pleasure throughout the process of installation!

Here are a few Brief facts about Treated Pine:

  • Appealing and unique colour scheme.
  • Ultra Affordable and budget friendly.
  • Pales in comparison to most hardwood decking solutions
  • May fall victim to pests, fungi and natural weathering

Pergola Pro strives to provide the best possible Pergola solutions in Cape Town and surrounding areas. A combination of passion, expertise and a client-centric approach are all key factors in our service delivery – ensuring each and every one of our clients are satisfied.

To find out more about our CCA Pressure Treated Pine Pergola solutions in Cape Town, contact us today.

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