Aluminium VS Timber Pergola

Aluminium VS Timber Pergolas


There are plenty of styles and materials that pergolas come in to compliment your vision. One burning question you may have is whether to choose metal or wood for your pergola. Their appearance, cost and required maintenance differ, but either option will be an instant upgrade to your home and garden.

Beautiful and timeless
From the first day to five, ten, even 15 years out, an aluminium pergola will look the same: clean lines, beautiful finish, and perfect functionality.

Unlike the static roof of a traditional wooden pergola, which offers some shade but is traditionally left open, adjustable either manually or electronically aluminum pergolas offer users access to everything from full sun to partial shade and everything in-between.

Unlike timber structures, aluminium pergolas are lightweight, easier to assemble, and better suited for locations where weight must be kept to a minimum, such as, balcony, and rooftop installations.

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Timber is one of the most utilised materials for pergolas and decks. Timber pergolas can either be treated for a natural, rustic look or painted to suit your home’s colour palette. Its flexibility in design makes timber a compatible material for both contemporary and traditional-style homes.

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A popular timber pergola design is the ‘open-air’. Without any walls, screens or roofs, your pergola won’t constrain your outdoor space or cut it in half, but instead, create a focal point. This can be complemented with climbing or trailing plants which can provide both weather protection and add an element of greenery to your backyard.

As timber is readily available and relatively straightforward to work with, it is one of the more affordable materials to build a pergola with. While it isn’t as strong as aluminium or steel, it does hold up well on coastal areas where sea salt and sand can batter and deteriorate structures.

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Benefits of using hardwood timbers for your pergola
Hardwood is strong.
Hardwood lasts for a long time, especially if you choose a Class 1 timber.
Hardwood is easy to maintain.
Hardwood is available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Hardwood boasts a higher resistance to fire than softwood.


So, what are you waiting for now? Contact Pergola Pro to install one of these beautiful structures whether it be timber or metal our structures will enhance the beauty of your property as now you have the proper knowledge about the benefits of wooden pergolas and aluminium.

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